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Your trusted CBD and hemp online shop for your entire family!
About Emerald Cannabliss
Emerald Cannabliss was established to help our clients live their best life, in a healthy way. We strive to find the best CBD and Hemp products on the market for our clients.
Knowledge is power.
Let's get educated on cannabis
We put hours into our education on this amazing plant to help you better understand and destigmatize cannabis.
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Our CBD and Hemp Brands

Emerald Cannabliss strives to find only USA grown hemp, 3rd party tested products, reliable, and trusted CBD brands. We only want the best products for you and your family. One stop for research on Cannabis and the best CBD brands on the market.

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Are you new to Cannabis? We can help you get a little better educated on it. Check out our educational blogs and our learn section to start your education into cannabis and what it can do for you.

Our Company

At Emerald Cannabliss, we are in compliance with federal and state laws. All products contain less than .3% THC, if any at all. THC is the active compound in Cannabis that will make you feel “high”. We personally try each brand before adding it to our shop. Our goal is to educate you, and provide you with trusted, vetted products.

From skincare to tinctures, we have something for every member of your family, including your fur babies. We want you to feel you are bringing something safe in to your home, with access to lab results on all of our brands. We want to be your trusted shop to get accurate information and trusted brands.

Our Journey

Hi, I’m Chelsea, owner and operator of Emerald Cannabliss. I began my journey with CBD and hemp products late 2018. I loved the results and people around me were loving their results. I needed to learn more about this new era of hemp. I came up frustrated because of misinformation, propaganda, and crappy companies. I made it a goal for Emerald Cannabliss to be a place for education and a better understanding what Cannabis can do for us. I use the word cannabis a lot throughout my website because I feel it destigmatizes the plant. Just know I’m talking about hemp-derived products.

Laws are constantly changing in this industry, I want to be your one stop for updated information and top, safe products on the market. I also share my journey about all the products I have on my website, I’m not a medical professional nor can I give any advice these products. I can only provide you with education, my experiences, and vetted, trusted brands. Check out my journey!

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