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Can full spectrum contain ZERO THC?

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Cannabis is still being researched and studied. I had this question come up several times while starting my journey with CBD. I reached out to a Facebook group, Greenman Gardens (CBD Company), and hours upon hours of research of cannabis plants. So can full spectrum CBD oil contain zero THC? The answer is no, and here’s why.

Cannabis has THC in everything strain and plant, however it could be less than 1% it is still there. There are some companies claiming that they have full spectrum CBD oil with zero THC and this is actually called broad spectrum. It is all about the wording. Companies can strip the THC from the cannabiniods, but this process can be very pricey. So in turn your going to pay for it when you purchase these oils. You can purchase CBD isolate, this will have only CBD cannabiniod only. This still works but you are missing the benefits of the terpenes and other active cannabiniods that come with hemp. This was referred as a watered down version.

When I asked the facebook group, I had several people tell me one way then another. This is all so new to everyone and everyone seems to be claiming and expert in all things CBD. All I can say is don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Do your own research I have done hours upon hours on everything from the plant to making the oils we put in our bodies. I will never claim to be an expert on this subject there is so much to know I couldn’t possibly, but I plan to try anyway. 🙂