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Cannabis and Drug Testing

Nothing gets my blood boiling faster than someone saying I can’t use CBD because of the drug test at work. I’m not frustrated at the client…it’s the employer and the rules that follow cannabis as a whole. The testing used for cannabis is completely generic and you cannot actually get an accurate reading for how much THC is in your system. It isn’t cannabis they are looking for, however it is just THC.

Full spectrum CBD products carry at least .3% THC, which is the federal legal limit. It can show up on a drug test, if you ingest or used transdermal patches. Typically, topicals will not enter your bloodstream, so they do not hang on in your system the way other products can.

Recently, Sha’Carri Richardson was suspended because of a fail drug test, THC related. It isn’t the first time an Olympic contestant has used cannabis, either. Rules have changed recently it is time for them to change across the board, from employers to sports. People want to medicate without being a zombie or numb. Of course, people will abuse things just look at the opioid crisis, however cannabis isn’t something that can kill you.


I’m ready for laws to change for our future. People have the right to medicate with plants, if they choose too. It shouldn’t be illegal. Just this week, I’ve had several people refuse a product that could help relax their muscles (topically). They said no I wish but I get drug tested. This shouldn’t be happening! It is a lotion, similar to a Biofreeze, people don’t want to lose their jobs (I totally get) over a lotion. (Again, topicals typically do not break the blood barrier.) I will look back one day and be thankful and humbled things have changed. I’m ready for it to be TODAY!

Reference to how long THC stays in your system.

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