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My Journey – Clean Coconut

First and foremost, Welcome Clean Coconut to Emerald Cannabliss! I connected with Wendy, the owner of Clean Coconut, on a Facebook group. I was looking for some guidance in this industry. Our conversation was very insightful about hemp, cannabinoids, and our start in this industry. She told me about her products, and was certain they would be perfect for Emerald Cannabliss. SHE WAS RIGHT! I’m very thankful to be able to work in this industry and connect with some amazing people! Here is my experience with Clean Coconut.

Deep Relief

I have been searching high and low to bring y’all an amazing, affordable topical. Deep Relief is everything I wanted and more. This topical is a natural lotion base and will not leave your skin oily. I apply this topical to my neck and lower back to ease pain from inflammation and tight muscles. I also experience achy knees right before we experience a drastic change in weather, Deep Relief is my go-to for my weather induced achy pains.

Deep Relief
Photo:Clean Coconut

Face and Body Lotion – Lime

Photo: Clean Coconut

Let’s first talk about the Lime scent! AMAAAZING! Not something you usually see in a lotion, which is refreshing. Lime essential oil provides antioxidants to your skin and can also act as an insect deterrent.

I use this for a moisturizer but also for sunburns. I got sunburnt at the pool, came home to shower and apply this to every part of my body that got kissed by the sun a little to much. Immediately took the sting out of the burn and the red was gone by morning!

This lotion is found in 3 different scents – Grapefruit, Lavender, and Lime. We also carry the Face and body oil as well in the lavender.

I, personally, use Clean Coconut daily. We love the scent, the feeling, and how refreshed my skin feels after applying. A topical will not break the blood barrier, therefore you can use without fear of failing a drug test. You will reap all the benefits of a full spectrum product.

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My Journey – Moon Mother Hemp Co.

Moon Mother Hemp Co

It excites me to keep adding brands to Emerald Cannabliss! Moon Mother Hemp Co. is seed to sale out of Colorado. Being organic is something that is extremely important to them as a company. I have used a number of items in their inventory. Everyone’s body is different, so we may not have the same experiences. Make sure you talk to your physician before adding anything new to your regimen.

Wise Woman CBD Comfort Balm

That time of the month, ladies you know what I’m talking about, that dreaded woman time that happens once a month. This balm is for the cramps you suffer from. My cramps have become awful since having my daughter. I used Wise Woman CBD Comfort Balm on my ovaries one Saturday I was experiencing these awful cramps. The cramps immediately started to ease. The balm feels, smells amazing, and leaves my skin smooth. We also have a Wise Woman CBD Ritual bath available. A book and a CBD bath sounds wonderful to me, how about you?

Wise woman

You have three different flavors with Moon Mother Hemp Co.; peppermint, cinnamon, and natural. I have been using Peppermint 500MG tincture every night for the last 2 weeks. I love the taste, it’s not the earthy, hempy taste. This will also be good if I have an upset stomach because peppermint eases the pain of an upset stomach. I feel more relaxed when taking this tincture.

Muscle Balm

The Moon Mother Hemp Co. Muscle Balm is used for achy and sore muscles. My knees always get really achy when the weather changes, I rub this all around my knee and the pain eases. This will help with anything that is inflamed. The smell isn’t strong and it always makes my skin smooth.

Moon Mother Hemp Co Muscle Balm

Moon Mother Hemp Company is shipped from Colorado. However, we have testers available to try. Email for more details.

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My Journey – Kentucky Hemp Works Salve

My journey with Kentucky Hemp Works has been amazing. We love all their products. I have recently posted my journey with Kentucky Hemp Works, I spoke a little about the salve. My daughter refers to this salve as the “green stuff”, because we use it on her eczema and dry skin. This topical doesn’t contain any CBD just hemp plant. We use it on everything that itches, burns, and hurts, as well as just to make our skin feel smooth and silky.

Recently, I went on a beach trip for a week and wore my wedding ring the entire trip. I don’t typically wear my wedding ring to work because I wash my hands constantly, and this always happens to my finger.

The first picture is the start of my journey, when my finger really started bothering me once we got home. I removed my ring and started Kentucky Hemp Works salve immediately, I put it on multiple times a day, especially after I washed my hands.

A little goes a long way with this salve so I didn’t use a lot. It took about 3 days before I could wear my silicone ring again. I took pictures of this process because I can only talk about this so much, I wanted to show you exactly what it looks like. I use this salve instead of lotion now, it heals my dry skin/eczema and makes my skin feel smooth.

One full week my finger has completely healed and no longer bothers me. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot wear my wedding ring everyday, anymore. This makes me extremely sad because it is so beautiful. Maybe this is a great way to get a new ring. 😉

Stay blissful!


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My Journey – Kentucky Hemp Works

Kentucky Hemp WOrks

This company is amazing! Kentucky Hemp Works is in Crofton, Kentucky and run by 2 inspiring women. I wanted a brand from my state as well as all of my customers. I was told from a customer, I can’t verify that it is true, hemp is like honey. If grown in your region, then it will help combat allergies. I’m trying to verify this information, if you are a grower and know the answers please reach out.

KHW -Hemp Root Salve – Jasmine and Lemon

I’m going to start with the hemp root salve – Jasmine and Lemon. This salve doesn’t have any CBD or cannabinoids. It is made with hemp seed oil, hemp roots, beeswax,  essential oils. I used this on my daughters eczema it cleared up with in a day. Her leg was full of dry patches and I didn’t realize it until it got to the point she couldn’t take a bath because it hurt to be in hot water. We put it on that day and by bath time the next day it was 80% cleared up. The worst patch was still there but not red nor dry looking. I also use this on my hands because they are extremely dry in the winter and spring time. I have noticed a huge difference from using lotion and this salve. My best friend also used this on her eczema and it cleared it up within a day. A little goes a long way with this salve. One tin should last a very long time. It doesn’t leave an oily or any residue and the smell isn’t strong either. It is so good for my family’s skin!

KHW – Hemp Firestarters

Hemp firestarters are amazing. We use these for fires in our backyard. They light up quick and burn for at least 5 mins. The smell is great, it doesn’t smell like cannabis. I always burn my old paper bills and important paperwork I don’t need anymore to start my fires. I do not use as much paper when I’m using these firestarters. These would make a great add on item to your order.

KHW – CBD Tincture

Kentucky Hemp Works tincture tastes earthy because they use the hemp seed oil to pair with hemp extract. This gives you extra fatty acids like Omega -6 and Omega-3. The difference between hemp seed and oil and hemp extract is hemp seed oil is made from the hemp seed by crushing them. Hemp extract is made from the whole plant that gives you the cannabinoids, like CBD. The benefits this tincture gives me is a relaxing, chill feeling. I have been taking this tincture at night to help me relax and fall asleep. Another thing I love about this tincture is that the hemp is grown in Kentucky.

Kentucky Hemp Works is a key player in Kentucky hemp politics. Katie, the founder of KHW, travels to Frankfort to educated law makers and others on hemp. I am so excited to support this company because of the product and what they stand for.

Education over stigma spread the word!

Stay Blissful!

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My Journey – Joy Organics

Joy Organics

My journey with Joy organics started with an order for myself to test. Right away, I knew I had to add this to my site. I tried a few things

Joy Organics Lemon drops

Joy Organics Lemon Tincture

I started with the Joy Organics Lemon Tincture, the taste was amazing to me, very strong lemon taste because lemon essential oil in the tincture. This tincture has ZERO THC. This tincture, in my opinion, gives me an uplifting, calm feeling. I feel it gives me energy to tackle my day. I do not use this at night, because I was making lists the one time I did take it at night. Remember, everyone is different and our bodies will not react to this tincture the same.

Joy Organics Face Mask

Joy Organics, also has a CBD-infused face mask, which leaves your face feeling refreshed, hydrated, and soft. I did one treatment of this mask and I love it.

This face mask covers my entire face and stays on well. My face is very dry, so the serum on the mask soaked in very well and left my face looking less red and more flesh colored. I will be ordering more because of how my face felt. Cannabis can do amazing things for our skin. This is why I say education over stigma. This plant has so many amazing properties we are just breaking the barrier on.

CBD Face Mask

Joy Organics Energy Drink Mix

Joy Organics energy drink mix great for on the go. The brand recommends drinking these pre-workout. However, I do not work out. I did drink this one a day when I was feeling run down and tired. I felt much better after I drank it. It tastes good and has ZERO THC. Gave me a boost of energy and able to focus a little better on work.

Joy Organics Salve

Joy Organics salve has been my most popular item. Once I added the salve to the website it sold out within a week, we have more coming next week. I use this on my aches and pains for immediate relief. This keeps my skin smooth, all the while soothing my muscles. It doesn’t leave my skin oily or sticky.

Joy Organics Salve

We are very excited to keep adding to Emerald Cannabliss. If you have a brand that you have used and like please let us know.

Stay Blissful