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My Journey – Tierra Curativa Part 2

Tierra Curativa Sports Rub

October I wrote my first “My Journey- Tierra Curativa,” since then myself and customers have fell in love with Tierra Curativa’s iced sports rub. Why? Let me tell you!

Ice Rub Tierra Curativa

I recently threw my back out while carrying my 50 pound daughter. She had 4 year shots and if you are a parent and have taken your child to their 4 year check up, you know that they are more aware of what is going on. It was awful. After I carried her out of the office, and all the way to the car, I was wore out. That afternoon I was at work, slightly bent over and my lower back locked. It was excruciating pain. I knew right then that was the last time I would carry my daughter.

My steps to fix my lower back were electric stimulation, chiropractic adjustment, and iced rub. I did that for 3 days. After I finished with my chiropractic appointments I would cover my lower back in Tierra Curativa iced sports rub. This helped numb, cool, and relax my lower back. The sports rub helped me move around and get things done, which if I didn’t have any on I couldn’t move. I am very thankful to have had my iced rub that day and the days that followed. I feel like I bounced right back pretty quickly. From excruciating pain to getting back to my normal everyday in less than a week.

Since I have added Tierra Curativa Iced Sports Rub to my inventory I have had rave reviews on how amazing it is. I have sold out 3 different times since adding it in October. I will constantly keep this in stock because of how it has helped me stay moving. As always, a little goes a long way when it comes to topicals, you will not use as much as you think.

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My Journey – Tierra Curativa

Tierra Curativa

Welcome Tierra Curativa to Emerald Cannabliss! I stumbled across Tierra Curativa on Instagram. They are about 30 mins away from me, which is something that made me extremely excited. I love to buy local, even better I love Kentucky grown hemp, because I’m supporting local farmers and businesses. Tierra Curativa isn’t seed to sale, but they take extreme care when making their products. Their hemp is grown near Bowling Green, KY, and they get their extract from Bluegrass BioExtract. They produce their products in their ISO standard clean lab facility, which I took a trip too.

My Visit to Tierra Curativa

  • Ice Rub Tierra Curativa
  • Tinctures Tierra Curativa
  • Stock at Tierra Curativa
  • Lab at Tierra Curativa
  • Lab at Tierra Curativa
  • Lab at Tierra Curativa
  • Lab at Tierra Curativa

My visit to Tierra Curativa was awesome. They are very much like myself, passionate about cannabis. We talked hemp, the future of our businesses, where we thought this industry would end up, and their process. Their team built their clean facilities lab to produce their own products. Tierra Curativa has a huge variety of products – shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, tinctures, beard oil, coffee additives, and topicals. They are pretty new to the hemp game, which is something I love, we essentially get to “grow up together.” They care about their products and the ones using their products. They have a reputable products and put a lot of time coming up with their line. Travis, the Lab Manager, is very knowledgeable on the endocannabinoid system and phyto-cannabinoids. I love networking with people in this industry that can talk about the plant and how it interacts with our bodies. They also believe education over stigma and I plan to team up with them to spread awareness about Cannabis!

Full Spectrum Tinctures

They have three different tincture flavors; mint, citrus and natural. I have tried them all and approve of all the flavors. The natural isn’t real earthy but you can tell what you are taking. Like most natural tasting tinctures it has a nutty taste. They choose to put 500+mg on their bottles because they might contain a little more than 500mg. You will never get anything less than what is on the bottle. Which is something you don’t see often, I love that they are honest about the fact you might get more but you will never get less. Additionally, knowing they batch test every single batch and not just one every so often to update records. I believe the QR code on bottles will become a regular in the industry and I am more aware and looking for companies that do this. It is very effective with what I use CBD for sleep, anxiety, overall balance and calming.

Beard Oil

My husband decided last year, he is going to grow out his beard. After a certain point, he was frustrated with the frizz, puff balls, not laying right, and brittle hairs. I started handing him different oils to try because of course my beautiful plant produces amazing benefits for hair. This one is his favorite – he keeps coming back to it. The smell is manly and refreshing. I have noticed that his beard is fuller and healthier looking. I’m very impressed with this beard oil. They have a beard balm coming out soon, that I got to smell and it smells like men’s cologne. It will be added as soon as they produce it!

Tierra Curativa Beard Oil

Iced Sports Rub

Tierra Curativa Sports Rub

The iced sports rub has 400mg of Hemp Extract and menthol in it, so the smell is very strong. However, with both menthol and hemp extract, the affects are outstanding. When I apply this rub to my achy areas, it warms the area. I felt my muscles relax and my burning sensation immediately go away. A little goes a long way with this rub, so you will not use as much as you might think.

Topicals are localize relief. They shouldn’t transfer THC to your bloodstream.

Body Butter

This body butter goes on smooth and doesn’t leave an oily residue. This doesn’t contain any active phyto-cannabinoids. Hemp seed oil and avocado have amazing benefits for your skin. I have been using this a lot, since the weather has changed. When we hit fall, my hands become extremely dry. This affordable 4 oz jar will last a long time, providing you with moisturized skin.

Tierra Curativa Body Butter

I have really enjoyed Tierra Curativa products, and plan to add more of their products in the future. I do not claim any of these products heal, treat, or cure any disease. I’m simply giving you my experience with these products. Everyone is different, and you may not experience the same as I do.

Stay Blissful,


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One Year Using CBD Oil – My Journey

Hemp plants

It has been one entire year since starting my journey with CBD. I am happy to say I feel better than ever. I’m constantly changing brands so I haven’t been committed to one product, however I have noticed a difference since I started using it everyday. I don’t claim any medical claims because legally we can’t. FDA hasn’t set any guidelines or rules on this yet. All I can do is give you my opinion and experiences using these products. Everyone’s body is different, you may have a different reaction than I do. As always, check with a physician before adding anything to your health regimen.


I didn’t realize I had anxiety until I quit smoking cigarettes. The chest tightness, loss of breathe, and the snappy attitude comes on very quickly and is uncontrollable. During the same time, I had some family things happening which enhanced the anxiety. I was started on a pharmaceutical, Lexapro. Over time, it stopped working and CBD was introduced to me. No one really to explain, so I went on a search for some answers. Present day, a year into my cannabis journey and I can honestly say I actually feel good. I haven’t upped my Lexapro and continue to take it with a side of cannabis (hemp-derived). I will eventually go off of the medication, but for now, it is working well.


Sleeping has also improved. I sleep usually all night now, soundly. Before, I would wake up a few times a night and not be able to go back to sleep. I get a full nights rest and do not feel tired the next day.


I have also noticed a difference in my body as a whole. My body doesn’t ache as much. I use topicals for localized inflammation. For example, I pulled something in my neck while moving. I used Deep Relief for two days and added chiropractic care. My recovery time was shorter than it would have been, if I weren’t doing these things.

I am committed to living a full, exciting life with my family. Cannabis has helped me be able to achieve this. I fully believe that adding cannabis to my daily routine has improved my way of life. I do not have to suffer though the anxiety and my family won’t either.

Stay Blissful,


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My Journey – Clean Coconut

First and foremost, Welcome Clean Coconut to Emerald Cannabliss! I connected with Wendy, the owner of Clean Coconut, on a Facebook group. I was looking for some guidance in this industry. Our conversation was very insightful about hemp, cannabinoids, and our start in this industry. She told me about her products, and was certain they would be perfect for Emerald Cannabliss. SHE WAS RIGHT! I’m very thankful to be able to work in this industry and connect with some amazing people! Here is my experience with Clean Coconut.

Deep Relief

I have been searching high and low to bring y’all an amazing, affordable topical. Deep Relief is everything I wanted and more. This topical is a natural lotion base and will not leave your skin oily. I apply this topical to my neck and lower back to ease pain from inflammation and tight muscles. I also experience achy knees right before we experience a drastic change in weather, Deep Relief is my go-to for my weather induced achy pains.

Deep Relief
Photo:Clean Coconut

Face and Body Lotion – Lime

Photo: Clean Coconut

Let’s first talk about the Lime scent! AMAAAZING! Not something you usually see in a lotion, which is refreshing. Lime essential oil provides antioxidants to your skin and can also act as an insect deterrent.

I use this for a moisturizer but also for sunburns. I got sunburnt at the pool, came home to shower and apply this to every part of my body that got kissed by the sun a little to much. Immediately took the sting out of the burn and the red was gone by morning!

This lotion is found in 3 different scents – Grapefruit, Lavender, and Lime. We also carry the Face and body oil as well in the lavender.

I, personally, use Clean Coconut daily. We love the scent, the feeling, and how refreshed my skin feels after applying. A topical will not break the blood barrier, therefore you can use without fear of failing a drug test. You will reap all the benefits of a full spectrum product.

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My Journey – Moon Mother Hemp Co.

Moon Mother Hemp Co

It excites me to keep adding brands to Emerald Cannabliss! Moon Mother Hemp Co. is seed to sale out of Colorado. Being organic is something that is extremely important to them as a company. I have used a number of items in their inventory. Everyone’s body is different, so we may not have the same experiences. Make sure you talk to your physician before adding anything new to your regimen.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Moon Mother Hemp Co Peppermint Tincture

You have a choice between three different flavors with Moon Mother Hemp Company; peppermint, cinnamon, and natural. I have been using Peppermint 500MG tincture every night for the last 2 weeks. I love the taste, it’s not the earthy, hempy taste. This will also be good if I have an upset stomach because peppermint eases the pain of an upset stomach. I feel more relaxed when taking this tincture.

Wise Woman CBD Comfort Balm

That time of the month, ladies you know what I’m talking about, that dreaded woman time that happens once a month. This balm is for the cramps you suffer from. My cramps have become awful since having my daughter. One Saturday I was experiencing these awful cramps, and immediatley went to my wise woman balm. After applying, I noticed the cramps immediately started to ease. The balm feels, smells amazing, and leaves my skin smooth. We also have a Wise Woman CBD Ritual bath available. A book and a CBD bath sounds wonderful to me, how about you?

Wise woman

Muscle Balm

The Moon Mother Hemp Co. Muscle Balm is used for achy and sore muscles. My knees always get really achy when the weather changes, I rub this all around my knee and the pain eases. This will help with anything that is inflamed. The smell isn’t strong and it always makes my skin smooth.

Moon Mother Hemp Co Muscle Balm

Dream Balm

Moon Mother makes a Dream Balm intended to be used before sleep. I have a awful time sleeping and often wake up in the middle of the night. Most days, I feel like I don’t get a full nights rest. I have been trying so many products to help sleep. I’m constantly changing my routine up.Each night found myself coming back to this balm, I use this on my temples along with my nightly tincture dosage. I have limited my screen time at night to help relax my head. This balm is a sleep saver! I feel better rested and refreshed.

Moon Mother Hemp Company is shipped from Colorado. However, we have testers available to try. Email for more details.