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The Green Stuff – Kentucky Hemp Works Hemp Root Salve -My Journey

Kentucky Hemp Works Salve

First off, let me say this product does not contain any active cannabinoids (CBD and THC). “The Green Stuff”, AKA Kentucky Hemp Works Hemp Root salve, is all around amazing. This little 2 oz tin is the most powerful tin you will EVER OWN. Every single person that has applied this salve has fell in love, including myself and family. I want to explain more on how this amazing salve works and what we use it for, which is EVERYTHING.

With just 4 ingredients, hemp seed oil, hemp root, beeswax, and essential oils, it packs a powerful punch to dry skin. Kentucky Hemp Works is an FDA registered facility, and they hand make their hemp root salve in a small town in Kentucky. They have been in the game since Kentucky pushed hemp through in 2013. Actually, they were involved in the process in Frankfort. I honestly cannot say enough amazing things about this company.

Now to the good stuff, I mean the green stuff. I personally use this for the following; achy joints, eczema, sunburns, antibacterial, dry skin, cuts, hair conditioner. I add to this list often. My go-to is this silver tin that is sitting around my home, EVERYWHERE. I often use this on my daughter who has sensitive skin and eczema. We prefer this to aloe when we are sunburnt, too. It is just as effective without the stickiness of aloe. It takes the sting out of burns while moisturizing our damaged sun kissed skin. We rub this from our head to toes usually. A little goes a long way even when we are applying daily. They last a long time between 3 people using it…for everything.

From my grandmother to my daughter, my entire family uses this green stuff. Dry skin to help reduce wrinkles we apply it, daily. We keep regular stock in this product because we are in love with it. If you have tried this product as well please leave a comment on what it has helped you with!

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*This blog is personal views and experiences on products used. This is not medical advice*

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Can I Fail A Drug Test Using CBD?

Cannabis flower

Can you fail a drug test when using CBD products? Yes, it is possible. We get this questions a lot when explaining what hemp and CBD is. The stigma around cannabis is real. Unfortunately, employers do not want any THC in your system. Once removed from the schedule 1 category, (we all know it will be eventually) we hope that employers will stop testing for THC.

The tricky part of the cannabinoid THC, is it is stored in your fat for up to 30-45 days. Depending on how often you use cannabis. Tinctures, flower, and edibles that have even the minimal amount of THC can throw a positive on a drug test. Topicals tend to only reach the first few layers of your skin, which may not make it to your blood stream. Some brands offer a THC free version like Joy Organics. Be aware when using THC free products that it won’t work as good as a full spectrum. The reason for this because when they are striping the THC from the flower, they also remove other cannabinoids and terpenes. Also, CBD and THC work best when they are together.

If you are subject to a drug test, we suggest you do a couple things. Perhaps, speaking to your employer about it help. Show them the bottle and receipt could help your case. We do suggest that you ask before doing in this case. We have heard so many stories of people losing their job due to using CBD products. If you don’t have a relationship with your employer or do not feel comfortable talking about it with them, we suggest that you do not ingest products that have any THC. You may use topicals for localized pain, as it is less likely for you to have THC in your system. We cannot guarantee this by any means because we are not scientist nor have a medical degree. We have done research and networking to better understand cannabis and it’s effects. Be advised you can purchase THC drug test at any dollar tree to test yourself. Everyone’s body is different and holds substances differently. Better safe than sorry.

We are not medical professionals and we do not give medical advice. We want to make sure you are safe in all ways, while using the brands we offer. You can test fail a drug test, if you ingest products that have even the minimal .3% THC.

Stay Blissful,


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Kentucky Pushes Medical Marijuana To Sentate

Our home state is Kentucky, so we were extremely happy to see another cannabis bill move through the house. Of course, Hemp was first to make it’s way through last decade, in 2013. I listened to the entire house debate on this bill. They mentioned it would be one of the strictest laws in the country. They will not allow flower, which they do not allow sale of hemp flower in Kentucky either. A board of 13 people will decide who qualifies, chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and nausea or vomiting are a couple of the conditions named. A statewide poll according to KYNorml 90% of Kentuckians are for medical marijuana.

The representatives for this bill told stories of opioid addiction. They also talked about how medicinal cannabis can help people with chronic diseases like epilepsy, MS, Parkinson. Not to mention, people that have to take medication for medication side effects. They have not stated yet who will qualify. Representatives brought up that the death tolls on opioids are in the thousands and cannabis is zero. I know first hand how important legalizing this entire plant is. I hear stories all the time of people that do not want to be on these types of medications. Prescription addiction hits close to home for myself and a lot close to me. I stand behind the ones pushing for this to become law.

During the debate the representatives against HB-136 were people who want more research before legalizing marijuana. They also stated they wanted to wait until the DEA to descheduled cannabis. Of course, they brought up FDA issues, banking issues, and how are patients going to pay for it. These are all valid issues but getting the federal government to act on this has been very slow. FDA is dragging their feet because they will lose money once it is descheduled. We will not get more research until we legalize it in some form.

If legalized, Kentucky will be the 34 state to legalize medical cannabis. I believe, if we have most of our states legalized in some way the federal government will have to make a move to deschedule. Which isn’t going to happen in an election year. Big business including pharma also have a huge interest in descheduling cannabis which is another issue on it’s own. We are moving forward, and yesterdays 63-30 vote approving medical marijuana is a step in the right direction! Make sure you are voicing your opinion on this matter Kentuckians. Let your law makers know you are in support of HB-136. If you aren’t in a state that has cannabis law tell your representatives. Stand up and voice your opinion. It took me under 2 minutes to say you support HB 136 – 800-372-7181.

Stay Blissful,


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Newly Discovered Cannabinoids -THCP & CBDP


A group of Italian researchers discovered two new cannabinoids in cannabis earlier this month. It is unknown how many cannabinoids are actually in cannabis. Research is slow going in the US because of federal laws restricting cannabis. CBDP and THCP are the newly discovered cannabinoids.


THCP is found to be much more potent than THC. What is the difference between them? According to Leafly, the molecule structure is made up of links, and THC has five links and THCP has eight links. This is the first of the cannabinoids discovered that has more than five links in it’s structure. The links bind with CB receptors in our body. Research shows that THCP is 33 times more active on CB1 receptor and up to 10 times more active on CB2 receptor.


CBDP, similar to THCP, has a longer molecule structure with seven links. CBD only has five links. This cannabinoid is also assumed to be more potent than CBD. As research continues on these cannabinoids, science will reveal how they will effect our body.

The entire world assumed the psychotropic effects of cannabis came from THC, however, now it could be THCP or even another cannabinoid that hasn’t been found. The therapeutic benefits for these newly discovered cannabinoids aren’t recorded, and it might be a while before we know exactly how they effect us. We really are only breaking the surface with cannabis. This time next year we could see our entire view on cannabinoids change again.

Stay Blissful,

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Feeding Your ECS

Endocannabinoid System

Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is throughout your entire body interacting with organs, other systems, and your brain. This system is new to our medical field and isn’t being taught in medical school, as of today. The more we discover about our bodies and this system the more we will learn about cannabis and it’s components. As it stands right now, research on cannabis is slow moving. However, it is MOVING! We have progress in our government and progress in our states. We know that phytocannabinoids from cannabis feed our ECS system. Do other things interact with it too? YES!

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids in foods will interact with our ECS. Hemp seed oil is high in Omega 3 and 6. Eggs that are pasture fed and omega riched. Of course, fish would also be a food that would be good for our ECS. Walnuts are also a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are known for anti-inflammatory properties.


Dark chocolate can also interact with your ECS. So yes, grab that dark chocolate bar when you are in a not so good mood just may make it a little better and balanced. We know the entire point is homeostasis and maintaining balance throughout your body.

Herbs and Tea

According to leafly, herbs and tea can also interact with your ECS. Echinacea, Camelia sinensis (tea), and Turmeric all stimulate your ECS receptors throughout your body. Herbs and tea not just effect your ECS but other systems including your immune system.

Organic Food and Avoiding Plastics

Organically grown food and not using plastic can also feed your ECS. Pesticides can disrupt your ECS and cause major damage to your body. In addition, Phthalates an acid used to make plastics. It can disrupt not only your ECS but your hormonal system. Defintinaly avoid heating your food in plastic. *Side note* Where is the cannabis packaging?


Alcohol has a negative effect on the ECS. As we already know, alcohol impairs out everything when highly intoxicated. When using alcohol be advised to use in moderation to avoid being heavily impaired.

Mood-Enhancing Activities

Have you ever gone to a state park and screamed? My mother and I used to go for a drive to a park and find a cliff and stand there and scream. This released many things in my body, including stress, frustration, and got my blood circulating. Meditation, yoga, and massage have similar effects, we get a since of relaxation when we do these activities. Breathing exercises and exercising in general can also help your ECS.

If you are experiencing an imbalance in your ECS your body will tell you. Feed your ECS with these things and see if your mood changes or if you feel more balanced in your body. Take time to take care of yourself. So grab you a dark chocolate bar, your favorite cannabis topical and tincture, kick back and relax, your ECS deserves it!

Stay Blissful,