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CBD In Limbo With The FDA

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What happens next with CBD? FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb resigns to spend more time with his family.  Leaving CBD up in the air on where the government stands on CBD products in food, beauty products, and medicines.

FDA dropped a statement the day the Farm Bill was signed.  Mr. Gottlieb stated the FDA would be closely monitoring CBD and make sure no one says it can heal, cure, or diagnose. CBD is an active component and cannot be put into food without approval from the FDA. New York, Maine, Ohio, and a few other states started sending out notices and warnings to shut down any CBD-infused restaurants, bakeries,  and bars.

Congress started to put the pressure on the FDA to make a decision on CBD. Mr. Gottlieb came out and said he would put together a panel in April to make guidelines on CBD. Less than a week after this statement he resigns.

The fate in CBD may be uncertain. However in my opinion, choosing someone that is open minded when it comes to new alternatives will be very important when choosing the next FDA commissioner. The President is a business man and hemp will be a huge industry, money and jobs will be positive outcomes. In addition, why legalize hemp to make CBD illegal. The benefits of CBD have come to light and it surely has medicinal properties. I am ready for them to step in and create guidelines for manufacturing companies, growers, and sellers. It is very important for consumers. Stay tuned..

Chelsea Sagez

Emerald Cannabliss