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Facts Over Stigma – Can You Overdose On Cannabis?


Can You Overdose On Cannabis? You cannot die from overdosing on cannabis. To be frank, you cannot die from cannabis at all, this plant isn’t lethal in any dose. Now, with that being said, are there risks? Absolutely, typically everything comes with risks. In my opinion, is it safer than some of the other options we as Americans have right now? ABSOLUTELY!

I was curious about what the CDC said about cannabis, and they said just that – you cannot die from cannabis but there are risks. The CDC is really only singling out one cannabinoid -THC. THC can be very intoxicating when used in higher doses.

Too much THC can actually cause some issues within your body. Those side effects can range from paranoia, panic, high blood pressure, anxiety, and delusions or hallucinations. There is also a condition called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) which is a condition developed in chronic cannabis users. This condition isn’t understood to the fullest, but symptoms of having CHS are severe and prolonged vomiting and nausea, as well as compulsive bathing. If you are experiencing these symptoms, stop using cannabis immediately. In patients with this condition, once they stop using cannabis the symptoms go away.

Knowledge is power and knowing the power of this plant is extremely important. It may not kill you, however you could have a really bad experience with it. Starting low and going slow is the best method when using cannabis.

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