Can I fail a drug test while taking CBD?

We suggest that you buy at home drug tests and test yourself. Everyone’s body is different, so in turn everyone will show a different result. We have heard of several people failing drug tests on certain Full Spectrum CBD oil even if it is below the .3% THC level. If you are subject to a drug test, speak to your employer before starting CBD or simply look at brands that only offer a CBD isolate.

How much CBD do I take? When introducing anything to your regimen, always start low and slow, and gradually up your dosing as needed. Again, everyone’s body is different, and everyone reacts differently. If you do not feel the effects or anything take a little more next time. From all the research we have done, we haven’t seen many harsh side effects of “taking too much” CBD. Sleepiness and headaches are the most common signs you could possibly have taken to much. It is important to record your dosages daily to know what is the right amount for you to take daily. Always speak with your physician before adding anything new to your regimen.

 How can you use CBD?

This is going to depend on consumer preference. There are many different ways CBD can work for you: Oils, salves, lotions, beauty products, vapes, edibles, and even in a pill form.

Where does the hemp come from on Emerald Cannabliss site?

We only work with companies that grow hemp in USA.

Is Cannabis legal?

This isn’t a simple yes or no answer

Hemp plants, according to the Farm Bill 2018,was removed from the schedule 1 drug list and is currently legal on a federal level. States can still deem it illegal. Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states. Recreational marijuana is legal in 11 states. However marijuana still remains illegal on a federal level.

Can I get high from CBD?

No, as long has you are consuming less than .3% THC. You can purchase higher THC tinctures but only in a legal state. All products found on Emerald Cannabliss website are products that will NOT get you high.

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