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Feeding Your ECS

Endocannabinoid System

Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is throughout your entire body interacting with organs, other systems, and your brain. This system is new to our medical field and isn’t being taught in medical school, as of today. The more we discover about our bodies and this system the more we will learn about cannabis and it’s components. As it stands right now, research on cannabis is slow moving. However, it is MOVING! We have progress in our government and progress in our states. We know that phytocannabinoids from cannabis feed our ECS system. Do other things interact with it too? YES!

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids in foods will interact with our ECS. Hemp seed oil is high in Omega 3 and 6. Eggs that are pasture fed and omega riched. Of course, fish would also be a food that would be good for our ECS. Walnuts are also a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are known for anti-inflammatory properties.


Dark chocolate can also interact with your ECS. So yes, grab that dark chocolate bar when you are in a not so good mood just may make it a little better and balanced. We know the entire point is homeostasis and maintaining balance throughout your body.

Herbs and Tea

According to leafly, herbs and tea can also interact with your ECS. Echinacea, Camelia sinensis (tea), and Turmeric all stimulate your ECS receptors throughout your body. Herbs and tea not just effect your ECS but other systems including your immune system.

Organic Food and Avoiding Plastics

Organically grown food and not using plastic can also feed your ECS. Pesticides can disrupt your ECS and cause major damage to your body. In addition, Phthalates an acid used to make plastics. It can disrupt not only your ECS but your hormonal system. Defintinaly avoid heating your food in plastic. *Side note* Where is the cannabis packaging?


Alcohol has a negative effect on the ECS. As we already know, alcohol impairs out everything when highly intoxicated. When using alcohol be advised to use in moderation to avoid being heavily impaired.

Mood-Enhancing Activities

Have you ever gone to a state park and screamed? My mother and I used to go for a drive to a park and find a cliff and stand there and scream. This released many things in my body, including stress, frustration, and got my blood circulating. Meditation, yoga, and massage have similar effects, we get a since of relaxation when we do these activities. Breathing exercises and exercising in general can also help your ECS.

If you are experiencing an imbalance in your ECS your body will tell you. Feed your ECS with these things and see if your mood changes or if you feel more balanced in your body. Take time to take care of yourself. So grab you a dark chocolate bar, your favorite cannabis topical and tincture, kick back and relax, your ECS deserves it!

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