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Hemp Seed Oil V. Hemp Extract Oil

Outdoor Hemp Photo Katie Arzamastseva

The market is booming in cannabis, and knowing the difference in terms is very important. Hemp Seed oil and hemp extract oil are two different terms that easily can be confused. I want to explain the difference between the two, so you understand what you are buying.

Hemp Seeds Photo by Chelsea Sagez
Hemp Seeds
Photo Chelsea Sagez

Hemp seed oil, also called hemp oil, is made from hemp seeds. This oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and found in cooking oils, lotions, and soaps. Hemp oil doesn’t contain any active phytocannabinoids. Products that contain hemp oil are great for hydrating your skin and whole body health. You can find hemp seed in food as well check out our hemp seed protein powder from Kentucky Hemp Works.

Hemp extract oil is extracted from the flowers of the plant. This oil has active phytocannabinoids like CBD, THC, CBN, and CBG just to name a few. Research has just begun on what exactly phytocannabinoids can do for our body. Studies have shown potential for anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties.

CBD oil
Photo Chelsea Sagez

Hemp seed oil and hemp extract oil can be easily confused because the names are similar. We have some products with both, which is great because you are getting the whole plant. Make sure you look at your labels when purchasing hemp products to know what part of the plant you are getting. The results will reflect that, as they do not give the same benefits.

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