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Here We Go Again – Hemp Root Salve – My Journey


Recently, I marked getting first tattoo off my bucket list. This has always been something I’ve wanted to do. 2020 has been a crap year for me, I have lost a lot of loved ones this year. Time to start livin’, instead of talkin. Why am I blogging about my first tattoo? Well, I used my plant (Cannabis – hemp) to heal my skin.

Kentucky Hemp Works Hemp Root Salve is my go to for anything that burns, itches, or is dry. Tattoos must stay hydrated and the only thing I know that can do that amazing is my Green Stuff. Before getting my tattoo, I prepped my skin with my salve. My first photo is right after I was done, I waited about an hour after to grab my travel tube of Hemp Root Salve to start the process of healing my skin. I applied this salve multiple times a day and washed with Dial antibacterial soap for several days.

My skin never scabbed over. It did get slightly raised and had redness for a day or two. Oh boy, did it itch. Every time I felt an itch, I’d grab my hemp root and slightly rub it on.

I seriously do not leave the house without my “green stuff