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My Journey – Clean Coconut

First and foremost, Welcome Clean Coconut to Emerald Cannabliss! I connected with Wendy, the owner of Clean Coconut, on a Facebook group. I was looking for some guidance in this industry. Our conversation was very insightful about hemp, cannabinoids, and our start in this industry. She told me about her products, and was certain they would be perfect for Emerald Cannabliss. SHE WAS RIGHT! I’m very thankful to be able to work in this industry and connect with some amazing people! Here is my experience with Clean Coconut.

Deep Relief

I have been searching high and low to bring y’all an amazing, affordable topical. Deep Relief is everything I wanted and more. This topical is a natural lotion base and will not leave your skin oily. I apply this topical to my neck and lower back to ease pain from inflammation and tight muscles. I also experience achy knees right before we experience a drastic change in weather, Deep Relief is my go-to for my weather induced achy pains.

Deep Relief
Photo:Clean Coconut

Face and Body Lotion – Lime

Photo: Clean Coconut

Let’s first talk about the Lime scent! AMAAAZING! Not something you usually see in a lotion, which is refreshing. Lime essential oil provides antioxidants to your skin and can also act as an insect deterrent.

I use this for a moisturizer but also for sunburns. I got sunburnt at the pool, came home to shower and apply this to every part of my body that got kissed by the sun a little to much. Immediately took the sting out of the burn and the red was gone by morning!

This lotion is found in 3 different scents – Grapefruit, Lavender, and Lime. We also carry the Face and body oil as well in the lavender.

I, personally, use Clean Coconut daily. We love the scent, the feeling, and how refreshed my skin feels after applying. A topical will not break the blood barrier, therefore you can use without fear of failing a drug test. You will reap all the benefits of a full spectrum product.