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My Journey – Joy Organics

Joy Organics

My journey with Joy organics started with an order for myself to test. Right away, I knew I had to add this to my site. I tried a few things

Joy Organics Lemon drops

Joy Organics Lemon Tincture

I started with the Joy Organics Lemon Tincture, the taste was amazing to me, very strong lemon taste because lemon essential oil in the tincture. This tincture has ZERO THC. This tincture, in my opinion, gives me an uplifting, calm feeling. I feel it gives me energy to tackle my day. I do not use this at night, because I was making lists the one time I did take it at night. Remember, everyone is different and our bodies will not react to this tincture the same.

Joy Organics Face Mask

Joy Organics, also has a CBD-infused face mask, which leaves your face feeling refreshed, hydrated, and soft. I did one treatment of this mask and I love it.

This face mask covers my entire face and stays on well. My face is very dry, so the serum on the mask soaked in very well and left my face looking less red and more flesh colored. I will be ordering more because of how my face felt. Cannabis can do amazing things for our skin. This is why I say education over stigma. This plant has so many amazing properties we are just breaking the barrier on.

CBD Face Mask

Joy Organics Energy Drink Mix

Joy Organics energy drink mix great for on the go. The brand recommends drinking these pre-workout. However, I do not work out. I did drink this one a day when I was feeling run down and tired. I felt much better after I drank it. It tastes good and has ZERO THC. Gave me a boost of energy and able to focus a little better on work.

Joy Organics Salve

Joy Organics salve has been my most popular item. Once I added the salve to the website it sold out within a week, we have more coming next week. I use this on my aches and pains for immediate relief. This keeps my skin smooth, all the while soothing my muscles. It doesn’t leave my skin oily or sticky.

Joy Organics Salve

We are very excited to keep adding to Emerald Cannabliss. If you have a brand that you have used and like please let us know.

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