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My Journey – Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals

I have been on Lazarus Naturals Standard Potency for a month now. I use 1ml nightly every single night, and a few days a week I do 1ml in the morning. Let me start by saying this stuff tastes AWFUL! I know that isn’t a huge selling point, but to be real none of the tinctures I’ve tried have been very good. They just all taste bad. I do the under tongue method because I have read that it enters your body quickest. I let it sit for as long as I can stand it. My mouth starts to feel tingly and relaxed, then I feel a calming feeling come over me.

My sleeping habits have changed dramatically. I had issues going to sleep as well as staying asleep. Since I have started the Lazarus Naturals Standard Potency, I have noticed that I will fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night. Some nights, my daughter wakes up or I have to use the bathroom, but that is just #momlife.

I also have a lot of inflammation in my upper back due to my posture and how I sit on a daily basis. Sitting at a desk looking at a computer can cause some major pain and I have noticed a change in how my body feels. I do not feel as bad as I did before taking the oil.

My anxiety is the main reason why I’m taking CBD oil. It has gotten worse over the last 5 years. I suffer from tight chest, shortness of breathe, and a temper. I get very snappy when my anxiety is on the raise. Since taking CBD though out my day I feel calmer, and I feel less tense like I usually do. My anxiety has changed to be not as noticeable. I am overall happier since I have started taking this CBD oil.