Extract Labs – CBD Isolate Tincture



Extract Labs created a 2000mg CBD Isolate with just 2 ingredients, CBD Isolate coupled with Coconut oil. This product is an isolate, so it is THC FREE! Not to mention, it can be used sublingually and topically. Extract Labs uses CO-2 extraction method and they lab-test for purity.

Quantity:  30ml, 2000mg CBD per bottle – 66mg per serving

Suggested Use: CBD isolates have the best results when used regularly and consistently.  Be sure to take a consistent dose of tincture at a consistent time each day to increase chances of success! If you are sensitive to taste, this tincture can be added to a cup of coffee or incorporated into your favorite recipe.

Ingredients: Extract Labs CBD Tincture does not contain any artificial colors, preservatives, or fillers.  The only ingredients are Coconut oil and non-GMO hemp grown with organic standards in the Colorado sun, extracted with carbon dioxide.

Lab Results