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My Journey – Bliss Cryo Gel

CBD topical

Once upon a time, I had this number one selling CBD topical, all of the customers loved including myself. This was a topical in which when used on sore, achy muscles it soothed and relaxed. They emailed me earlier this year to let me know they were closing up shop! I was lost! I spent the next several weeks looking in every corner of the internet, under every rock, pulled out all networking skills to find the next number one seller! Nothing out there on the market was like my product from before! The price range wasn’t good, it didn’t feel right, or it was less amounts for more money. One day, during my search I had this wild idea to just make it myself. DOWN the rabbit hole I went!

Fast-forward to now, I would like to formally introduce to Emerald Cannabliss Bliss Cryo Gel!

I have the majority of the ingredients from my previous product in Bliss Cryo Gel and it is the same price of $35! I do offer two different topicals; one with a CBD isolate and one with a full spectrum CBD.

The reasoning behind two different CBD topical products is to help everyone. It is believed that topicals cannot break the blood barrier to have you test positive for THC via blood or urine testing. However, when it comes to hair follicle testing, I cannot answer that! I want to provide a safe and effective product for everyone. If you do not want THC in or on your body, we have you covered.

Full spectrum does have amazing benefits. You are getting more than just CBD, more cannabinoids to work on your endocannabinoid system rather than just an isolate. A little goes a long way with both of these CBD topical products. It is best to massage topical into your skin to start relief and recovery!

Stay Blissful,