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Hemp Seed Oil and Skincare

Hemp Seeds Photo by Chelsea Sagez

Cannabis Sativa seeds, as known as hemp seed oil or hemp oil, are packed full of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Essential fatty acids are not only good for inside your body, but outside as well. Applying essential fatty acids to your skin, you are hydrating your skin, clearing acne, and improving elasticity. Additionally, hemp oil will not clog your pores.

Benefits you will see while using hemp oil are reduction in fine lines, redness, wrinkles, and clearing of acne caused by oil. You will smooth inflammation and irritation on the skin. Hemp oil has been studied and proven to help psoriasis and eczema.

Although, hemp seed oil and hemp extract have similar benefits, they are completely different. Hemp seed derived products will not contain any active cannabinoids. According the FDA, hemp seeds are considered generally recognized as safe. This doesn’t include hemp extract as of today. FDA is deciding what rules and regulations are appropriate for the industry.

We have hemp seed protein available for you to add to smoothies, shakes, and baked goods. This protein is a super food. Hemp root salve from Kentucky Hemp Works and Body Butter from Tierra Curativa are both made with hemp seed oil and do not contain any active cannabinoids. These would be excellent for your skin!

Check out this very informative video from Ministry of Hemp.

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My Journey – Kentucky Hemp Works Salve

Kentucky Hemp Works salve

My journey with Kentucky Hemp Works has been amazing. We love all their products. I have recently posted my journey with Kentucky Hemp Works, I spoke a little about the salve. My daughter refers to this salve as the “green stuff”, because we use it on her eczema and dry skin. This topical doesn’t contain any CBD just hemp plant. We use it on everything that itches, burns, and hurts, as well as just to make our skin feel smooth and silky.

Recently, I went on a beach trip for a week and wore my wedding ring the entire trip. I don’t typically wear my wedding ring to work because I wash my hands constantly, and this always happens to my finger.

The first picture is the start of my journey, when my finger really started bothering me once we got home. I removed my ring and started Kentucky Hemp Works salve immediately, I put it on multiple times a day, especially after I washed my hands.

A little goes a long way with this salve so I didn’t use a lot. It took about 3 days before I could wear my silicone ring again. I took pictures of this process because I can only talk about this so much, I wanted to show you exactly what it looks like. I use this salve instead of lotion now, it heals my dry skin/eczema and makes my skin feel smooth.

One full week my finger has completely healed and no longer bothers me. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot wear my wedding ring everyday, anymore. This makes me extremely sad because it is so beautiful. Maybe this is a great way to get a new ring. 😉

Stay blissful!