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Why Do We Need Cannabis?

Why do we need cannabis? This question is something that not many people ask, but they should. This plant of millions of years has given us so much good, but with good we always have bad. Cannabis has many potential medicinal benefits. We can’t claim it helps with any ailments because it is hasn’t been approved by the FDA or the federal government to do so.

My research has shown me what the possibly of this plant can do. In the 1970s, the pharmaceutical companies in the US won over the federal government to be allowed to have 100% of the research of cannabis. They would finance and judge cannabis for themselves take it away from the government. They were allowed to regulate themselves and didn’t do any “high” research. Pharma also only focused on Delta-9 THC, disregarding the rest of the compounds in the plant. Why did they take over the research? Well, of course the one and only reason would be MONEY. They wanted to be able to patent cannabis synthetics. Also, the federal government recorded “through hundreds of studies that even ‘natural’ crude cannabis was the ‘best and safest medicine of choice’ for many serious health problems”

When we talk about cannabis we aren’t just referring to cannabinoids, THC or CBD. The stalks, flowers, and seeds all have amazing benefits. The greens of the plant could be eaten as a salad with no high (not in Kentucky it is illegal to have a hemp salad). If you look at places like walmart and other large chains, they sell hemp seeds and hemp hearts. However, if you look on the back of the products in American grocery and chain stores, none of it is grown in the USA. Hemp seed as you see below is considered a “superfood” it also is amazing for your skin. One of my favorite companies Kentucky Hemp Works uses the ENTIRE plant when they make products. They try to incorporate the plant in everything they do not just CBD focused. Here is a break down of Hemp Seed, Hemp stalk, and Hemp Flower.

This is in no way medical advice. I am simply just trying to educate about cannabis and its potential benefits. If you found this blog informative please give it a like and share! I am committed to facts over stigma and providing accurate information.

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Resources: The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer 2000.

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Newly Discovered Cannabinoids -THCP & CBDP


A group of Italian researchers discovered two new cannabinoids in cannabis earlier this month. It is unknown how many cannabinoids are actually in cannabis. Research is slow going in the US because of federal laws restricting cannabis. CBDP and THCP are the newly discovered cannabinoids.


THCP is found to be much more potent than THC. What is the difference between them? According to Leafly, the molecule structure is made up of links, and THC has five links and THCP has eight links. This is the first of the cannabinoids discovered that has more than five links in it’s structure. The links bind with CB receptors in our body. Research shows that THCP is 33 times more active on CB1 receptor and up to 10 times more active on CB2 receptor.


CBDP, similar to THCP, has a longer molecule structure with seven links. CBD only has five links. This cannabinoid is also assumed to be more potent than CBD. As research continues on these cannabinoids, science will reveal how they will effect our body.

The entire world assumed the psychotropic effects of cannabis came from THC, however, now it could be THCP or even another cannabinoid that hasn’t been found. The therapeutic benefits for these newly discovered cannabinoids aren’t recorded, and it might be a while before we know exactly how they effect us. We really are only breaking the surface with cannabis. This time next year we could see our entire view on cannabinoids change again.

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Feeding Your ECS

Endocannabinoid System

Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is throughout your entire body interacting with organs, other systems, and your brain. This system is new to our medical field and isn’t being taught in medical school, as of today. The more we discover about our bodies and this system the more we will learn about cannabis and it’s components. As it stands right now, research on cannabis is slow moving. However, it is MOVING! We have progress in our government and progress in our states. We know that phytocannabinoids from cannabis feed our ECS system. Do other things interact with it too? YES!

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids in foods will interact with our ECS. Hemp seed oil is high in Omega 3 and 6. Eggs that are pasture fed and omega riched. Of course, fish would also be a food that would be good for our ECS. Walnuts are also a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are known for anti-inflammatory properties.


Dark chocolate can also interact with your ECS. So yes, grab that dark chocolate bar when you are in a not so good mood just may make it a little better and balanced. We know the entire point is homeostasis and maintaining balance throughout your body.

Herbs and Tea

According to leafly, herbs and tea can also interact with your ECS. Echinacea, Camelia sinensis (tea), and Turmeric all stimulate your ECS receptors throughout your body. Herbs and tea not just effect your ECS but other systems including your immune system.

Organic Food and Avoiding Plastics

Organically grown food and not using plastic can also feed your ECS. Pesticides can disrupt your ECS and cause major damage to your body. In addition, Phthalates an acid used to make plastics. It can disrupt not only your ECS but your hormonal system. Defintinaly avoid heating your food in plastic. *Side note* Where is the cannabis packaging?


Alcohol has a negative effect on the ECS. As we already know, alcohol impairs out everything when highly intoxicated. When using alcohol be advised to use in moderation to avoid being heavily impaired.

Mood-Enhancing Activities

Have you ever gone to a state park and screamed? My mother and I used to go for a drive to a park and find a cliff and stand there and scream. This released many things in my body, including stress, frustration, and got my blood circulating. Meditation, yoga, and massage have similar effects, we get a since of relaxation when we do these activities. Breathing exercises and exercising in general can also help your ECS.

If you are experiencing an imbalance in your ECS your body will tell you. Feed your ECS with these things and see if your mood changes or if you feel more balanced in your body. Take time to take care of yourself. So grab you a dark chocolate bar, your favorite cannabis topical and tincture, kick back and relax, your ECS deserves it!

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Endocannabinoid System and Cannabinoids

Endocannabinoid system

Cannabinoids can help bring your endcocannabinoid system to homeostasis. Personally, I have never been very good at science, so reading these studies on cannabinoids are sometimes over my head. Do you feel this way sometimes? I’m not a doctor nor am I a scientist, I’m mainly doing research and networking with educators on my own. Just a refresher, our endocannabinoid system (ECS) is located inside our bodies. The active compounds, known as phytocannaionds, that are found in cannabis interact with our receptors in our brain and body. CBD and THC are the top cannabinoids produced in cannabis. You can check out a previous blog about cannabinoids, which will break down 8 of over 100 in cannabis. Check out this two and half minute video I found very informative.

I want to note I am not pro-synthetic anything. I believe it needs to stay in it’s natural form. In my opinion, synthesizing cannabinoids would be a money grab by pharmaceutical companies. In other words, you cannot patent a plant.

As prohibition changes, education and research become a major priority. We were lead to believe this plant was bad and it could lead us further into addiction, politics and money of course. Did you know cigarettes are addicting? Alcohol? The opioids our MEDICAL doctors are prescribing? The finding of the endocannabinoid system is so recent, they aren’t even teaching it in medical school. This with time will change, of course. As we progress into the new cannabis future, education will trump stigma and change minds on how we can medicate with this plant again, rather than look down upon it.

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How To Choose The Right CBD Products


Since I started this journey, I must say that I have learned a WHOLE lot about cannabis and that there are some really crappy people in this world. The crappy people are the companies just trying to rake in as much money as they can on a crappy quality product. Part of why I started Emerald Cannabliss is because of these people. I wanted to give clients a safe and secure place to purchase CBD oil for themselves and their family. With all the hype surrounding CBD choosing the right product might seem a little overwhelming. We get it. We are here to help you find the right brand for you.

This industry is changing every hour it seems. Research has just begun on cannabis and what it can actually do for us, as legalization sweeps our country. When searching for products I look for several different things.

3rd Party Testing

This is huge. If you do not see 3rd party testing anywhere on a brand website…LEAVE. Third party testing is important because you want to see what is in your products. When cannabis grows it adsorbs anything in the soil, including heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals used on the soil. Of course, these are not healthy and you don’t want to add anything harmful to your body. Test results will also show what else besides CBD is in the hemp extract. Cannabinoids, like CBD and THC, are the most popular but there are others that can do different things for your body. Terpenes also play a huge role in oils and topicals.

Where and how is the hemp grown?

Emerald Cannabliss only sells products with USA grown hemp. Our favorite type company/brand is the one that is seed to sale. Colorado and Oregon have been doing cannabis for several years and Kentucky has had a hemp program since 2013. These states have experience with growing cannabis and have regulations in place for their crops. Overseas hemp could be subject to different regulations.

Also, how the hemp is grown is important. Greenhouse and outdoors can change the quality of a the product. Different regions also produce different hemp.

Greenhouse hemp 
Photo by Chelsea Sagez
Greenhouse Hemp
Photo by Chelsea Sagez
Outdoor hemp
Photo by Katie Arzamastaeva
Outdoor hemp
Photo by Katie Arzamastaeva

Concentration of CBD

There is a lot of concentrations of CBD out there, ranging from 100MG to 2500mg and up. I always suggest if you are new to CBD start low and slow. No need to start at 2000MG, if you have just begun. Dosing is trial and error at this point. You need to find out what is best for your body, because everyone’s body is different. You may up your dosage as you need. Keeping a journal is always suggested. As always, you must check with your physician before adding anything new to you regimen. From the experiences I have had starting at 500MG seems to really be helpful for most people.

Knowing the differences

Full spectrum hemp extract is the best way to use CBD oil. The reasoning for this is because it includes more cannabinoids, including THC. Legally the amount of THC must be .3% in dry weight. Meaning when the plant is dried materials the amount shouldn’t be more than .3% THC, this is trace amounts that will not get you high.

I read labels to make sure they are using the correct terminology. There are three different ways to get your CBD – full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate. Full spectrum, like I stated above includes all cannabinoids, terpenes and naturally occurring oils. Broad spectrum is all cannabinoids besides THC. This is a good option for anyone that could be drug tested. CBD isolate is just as it sounds, only CBD. If a brand claims they have a full spectrum but the product is THC free, that to me is incorrect terminology.

What to avoid

Avoid any brands making medical claims. Why? Because the FDA says they can’t and not many test can prove those medical claims on humans. You want a brand that is following the guidelines. Avoid brands that are not consistent. Avoid all synthetic materials. If you are speaking to someone from a brand and they do not know the answers to your questions and do not offer to look into it, RUN.

Choosing the right CBD can be challenging because there is a lot of misinformation out there. Doing research is the best way to find the right brand for you. Looking into a brand before purchasing is always important. Any brands on Emerald Cannabliss have been fully vetted and researched. I do my due diligence as you should too. If you ever have any questions feel free to email I will personally be happy to help you.

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