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Can I Fail A Drug Test Using CBD?

Cannabis flower

Can you fail a drug test when using CBD products? Yes, it is possible. We get this questions a lot when explaining what hemp and CBD is. The stigma around cannabis is real. Unfortunately, employers do not want any THC in your system. Once removed from the schedule 1 category, (we all know it will be eventually) we hope that employers will stop testing for THC.

The tricky part of the cannabinoid THC, is it is stored in your fat for up to 30-45 days. Depending on how often you use cannabis. Tinctures, flower, and edibles that have even the minimal amount of THC can throw a positive on a drug test. Topicals tend to only reach the first few layers of your skin, which may not make it to your blood stream. Some brands offer a THC free version like Joy Organics. Be aware when using THC free products that it won’t work as good as a full spectrum. The reason for this because when they are striping the THC from the flower, they also remove other cannabinoids and terpenes. Also, CBD and THC work best when they are together.

If you are subject to a drug test, we suggest you do a couple things. Perhaps, speaking to your employer about it help. Show them the bottle and receipt could help your case. We do suggest that you ask before doing in this case. We have heard so many stories of people losing their job due to using CBD products. If you don’t have a relationship with your employer or do not feel comfortable talking about it with them, we suggest that you do not ingest products that have any THC. You may use topicals for localized pain, as it is less likely for you to have THC in your system. We cannot guarantee this by any means because we are not scientist nor have a medical degree. We have done research and networking to better understand cannabis and it’s effects. Be advised you can purchase THC drug test at any dollar tree to test yourself. Everyone’s body is different and holds substances differently. Better safe than sorry.

We are not medical professionals and we do not give medical advice. We want to make sure you are safe in all ways, while using the brands we offer. You can test fail a drug test, if you ingest products that have even the minimal .3% THC.

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Hemp V. Marijuana – What’s the difference?


Hemp and Marijuana are both a form of cannabis. Cannabis is a flowering plant grown outdoors and indoors. The cannabinoids that each flower produces distinguishes it between hemp and marijuana. Cannabinoids are active compounds produced in cannabis. THC and CBD are the popular cannabinoids that are found in all forms of cannabis. THC is the psychoactive ingredient that gives the “high” feeling. In addition, you can find it in higher amounts of THC in marijuana. Hemp is a Sativa and CBD is dominant.


There are three different types of the cannabis flower – Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. Let’s start with Indica plants. This form of cannabis plant has higher amounts of THC than CBD. They grow wide and short, typically grown indoors. Indica plants have “woody” scent. Sativa plants have higher amounts of CBD than THC. They grow tall and in warmer areas. Sativa is sweeter than Indica plants. Finally, Ruderalis isn’t talked about much. It is grown in shorter periods and in a colder climate. They do not produce high amounts of THC and do not grow very big. Farmers, typically breed ruderalis with sativa and indica plants.

Outdoor Hemp Photo Katie Arzamastseva


Hemp is used to make products like paper, oils, cloth, plastics, and much more. In addition, it is a super food. Hemp roots and seeds can be very beneficial to our bodies and skin. Hemp is 100% legal with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Emerald Cannabliss only offers only hemp derived products.


Finally, we get to marijuana. Marijuana has higher amounts of THC. As of today, marijuana is legal in 11 states including Washington D.C. recreational. In the United States, 33 states have laws for medical marijuana. However, the federal law states that marijuana doesn’t have any medicinal effects and is highly addictive. Laws are changing everyday in this industry. In due time, the federal government will reschedule cannabis.

The difference between the two simply is active compounds within the plant. Farmers breed the plants and make different combinations of cannabinoids. As research begins, we will find out what other cannabinoids can do for our endocannabinoid system. Cannabis is a plant that grows from the ground, essentially it is a weed for our ecosystem.

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